Urgent Treatment Centres

Urgent Treatment Centres

Urgent Treatment Centres

Urgent treatment centres are a facility you can go to if you need urgent medical attention, but it’s not a life-threatening situation.

At the moment, the NHS offers a mix of walk-in centres, urgent care centres, minor injury units and urgent treatment centres, all with different levels of service.

By Autumn 2020, these will either be called urgent treatment centres or change to offer other primary health care services.

Urgent treatment centres aim to offer a more consistent service wherever you are in the country.

They’re GP-led and open for at least 12 hours a day every day of the week (including bank holidays).

They’re equipped to diagnose and treat many of the most common ailments people go to A&E for.

You may be referred to an urgent treatment centre by NHS 111 or by a GP. You can also just turn up and walk in.

Conditions that can be treated at an urgent treatment centre include:

sprains and strains
• suspected broken limbs
• minor head injuries
• cuts and grazes
• bites and stings
• minor scalds and burns
ear and throat infections
• skin infections and rashes
• eye problems
coughs and colds
• feverish illness in adults
• feverish illness in children
abdominal pain
vomiting and diarrhoea
emergency contraception

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