Temporary Registration

Temporary Registration

Temporary Registration

If you are staying with family or friends in the area and are in need of medical assistance, we are happy to help. You can register with us as a temporary resident for either:

  • up to 15 days (short stay), or
  • up to 3 months (long stay),depending on the length of your visit.


You will need to complete the Temporary Resident Form below before your appointment.

Any consultations you receive during this time will be passed on to your registered GP for their information.

    Temporary Registration Form



    What happens to my information?

    Personal and medical information about patients registered at this practice are primarily kept electronically, although some is kept in paper form. Some information will be sent to hospital consultants and other health professionals to whom you are referred by your GP in order to provide continued healthcare and obtain treatment for you.

    We sometimes use accredited suppliers for our communication with you, for example when we send recall letters for review clinics or medication reviews. All suppliers we use are checked carefully to ensure they comply with strict confidentiality protocols.

    To ensure the security of all patient information, all staff that have access to your records are covered by confidentiality clauses in their contracts and the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Our guiding principle is that we hold your records in strict confidence.

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