Patient Triage

Important Notice - Change To The Way Appointments are Allocated

Manor View Practice has introduced a new appointment system called Patient Triage, designed to ensure patients who most need an appointment are able to get one.

This involves a GP triaging all appointment requests to determine how quickly an appointment is needed and whether your request would be better dealt with by another member of the clinical team or by another service.



From 5th June 2023 we have changed to the way that our appointments are booked with GPs and Allied Healthcare Professionals across all our sites.

Patient Triage has been designed to ensure that patients who most need an appointment are able to get one.

The staff at Manor View Practice, along with NHS England (NHSE), have acknowledged the increasing demand for appointments and our capacity to meet this demand. NHSE has recently published a paper (Delivery plan for recovering access to primary care) outlining their similar concerns. We understand how frustrating it can be for patients to wait in phone queues or queues at the front door at 8am to get an appointment. We have noticed that many patients are booking appointments that do not necessarily require one, and we are concerned that those who need to be seen are not getting seen at the right time.

NHSE has stated that there is good evidence that clinician triage and modern online tools make it easier to manage patient requests and involve the wider team, with higher patient satisfaction rates than with the more traditional model.

To address this issue, we have  introduced a Total Triage Model of care. This means that anyone requesting an appointment or advice will have their request triaged. Our online consultation forms provide us with key information about your problem, so that we can arrange an urgent appointment if needed.

Online consults can be submitted via the NHS App or our website. If you have any issues submitting an online consult, please call the practice and our receptionists can assist in completing this.

We understand that change can be difficult, but we believe that this new approach will ensure that patients’ needs are met safely and efficiently. We are committed to delivering a robust service to our patients, and we believe that this new strategy will help us achieve this goal.

What is Patient Triage?

It’s an appointment system that involves a GP triaging all appointment requests before an appointment is given. This means that the GP will determine how quickly an appointment is needed and whether your request would be better dealt with by another member of our multi-disciplinary clinical team or by another service.

Roll Out Dates - Locations & Dates

The Patient Triage appointment system will be available to all patients.  Introduction dates are as follows:

Borehamwood – Monday 5th June 2023

Bushey – Monday 5th June 2023

South Oxhey – Wednesday 21st June 2023 (provisional date)

Watford – Monday 5th June 2023

Online Consult System

To make Patient Triage more efficient, we will be expanding the use of our existing online consult system. Our online consult system is accessible to everyone, with no need to download an app or log in. All you need is access to the internet, and you can access the system from any device, including your smartphone or tablet. Simply visit our website: and click on the ‘Patient Triage’ button.

With a short and simple set of questions, your completed form will be sent to our triage hub, meaning that your appointment request will be triaged promptly, and you will receive a response from your GP in a timely manner. We have a very high completion rate of forms, and over 80% of patients find the form ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to use. We also request that patients no longer attend the practice to book an appointment.

What Happens Next?

The online consultation form will be reviewed against a triage protocol. The more information you provide us with, the better we can ensure that you are triaged to the most appropriate pathway. You may receive a text back asking for more information or photographs, you may receive a phone call from a clinician, you may be sent a text with a link to self-book an appointment in the coming days or receive a phone call to book an appointment. If you have a preferred clinician, please let us know. While we strive to accommodate your request, we cannot guarantee it. This will ensure you see the most appropriate clinician first time around.  If you have requested a specific clinician and we are able to accommodate this we will text you the time and date for an appointment.  Please reply to this text if the appointment is not suitable, however we can not guarantee you another appointment with the same clinician.

Receptionist Assistance

We understand that a small number of patients may be unable to complete the online consultation form. If you are one of these patients, we ask that you call the practice and a receptionist will complete it for you.

Upload Images With Your Request

If relevant, you can also upload an image with your request, or you will be sent a link to send us photographs. This will help our triage team to provide you with the highest quality advice and care.


We hope that this information has been helpful and informative. Our new appointment system, Patient Triage, will ensure that those who most need an appointment are able to get one. Our Online Consult system is quick, accessible, and easy to use, and it allows us to provide you with the best possible care. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Manor View Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions - Patient Triage

Questions about treatments

What is the likely treatment?

How long will I need the treatment for?

Are there any side effects?

Will it interfere with other medication?

How will it fit in with my life?

Are there other options?

What happens if I do nothing?

When will they be reviewed?

What if i cannot cope?

Questions about tests

Do I need any tests?

When will they be done?

What will they involve?

Where will I have them done?

Will I need more tests after that?

How will I get the results?

What should I do if I do not get my results?

General questions

What support is available for me?

Should I make changes to my lifestyle?

Where can I get more information?

Do you have any written information?

What happens next?

Questions about symptoms

What do my symptoms mean?

How long will they last?

What should I do if they get worse?

Patient Triage
Make an online request - access during practice hours
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Extra Appointments
2,000 extra appointments available each month to meet increased demand
Reduced Wait Time
An average 54 minutes to initiate a response, streamlining response times and ensuring timely resolutions. 95% of all tasks efficiently completed within 48 hours.
Reduced Phone Calls
A significant reduction of 57% in incoming phone calls facilitating easier accessibility for patients seeking prompt assistance when required.
Redirected As Needed
Not every patient requires an appointment with a clinician; redirection to suitable services like self-care, the NHS website, or repeat prescriptions ensures more available appointments for those in need.
Ease Of Use
61% of patients find the Patient Triage system easy to use. 24% find it difficult. Our reception team are available to assist if you need any help.
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Patient Triage

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