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Diabetes Support

Navigating life with diabetes requires ongoing support. These organisations provide vital resources to help individuals effectively manage their condition. From educational tools and self-care guidance to awareness campaigns and research funding, explore dedicated platforms offering comprehensive information, advice, and services tailored to supporting those living with diabetes and their loved ones.

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Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is a charity providing information, advice, and support for people living with diabetes, funding vital research, raising awareness, and campaigning to improve care and treatment for those affected by the condition.

NHS - The Digibete App

The DigiBete App is an NHS-supported platform providing clinically approved, age-appropriate resources, tools, and videos to help children, young people, and families better self-manage type 1 diabetes, complementing care provided by clinical teams.

NHS - Living Well Taking Control

Living Well Taking Control is the provider of the NHS Healthier You Diabetes Prevention Programme, offering a free behaviour change program to help individuals at risk of type 2 diabetes make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

NHS - My Type 1 Diabetes

MyType1Diabetes is an NHS platform providing free digital tools, resources, and online courses to help individuals, especially young people under 18 and their families, better understand and self-manage type 1 diabetes at home, school, and in the community.