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Addiction Support

Overcoming addiction requires support. Explore these resources offering helplines, rehabilitation programs, counselling, and community support groups dedicated to empowering individuals and families impacted by substance abuse and addictive behaviours.

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Addiction Family Support

Addiction Family Support provides a lifeline of safe, caring support for families and loved ones struggling with a member's drug or alcohol addiction, as well as bereavement services related to addiction.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international fellowship of people who share their experiences to support each other in recovering from alcoholism, with the only requirement for membership being a desire to stop drinking.

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Change Grow Live

Spectrum Drug & Alcohol Recovery Services from CGL offers free, confidential support for individuals and families affected by alcohol misuse, providing flexible evening and weekend counselling sessions via phone or video call.


Drinkaware provides a suite of free online tools and apps designed to help individuals understand their drinking habits, track alcohol consumption, and make positive changes towards healthier drinking behaviours.

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Gamble Aware

Gamble Aware is a national program providing free, confidential support and treatment services 24/7 for individuals struggling with gambling addiction or concerned about a loved one's gambling behaviour.

NHS Addiction Help

The NHS provides comprehensive addiction support services, offering free and confidential help for overcoming drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions through counselling, rehabilitation programs, self-help resources, and specialised treatment options.

NHS Drink Free Days

The NHS Drink Free Days app helps individuals cut down on alcohol consumption by pledging alcohol-free days each week, providing practical tips, tracking, reminders, and celebrating milestones to support healthier drinking habits.


Humankind is a charity reducing deprivation and exclusion, improving well-being by providing support in areas like substance use, mental health, housing, family support, training, physical health, criminal justice, and youth issues.

Turning Point

Turning Point is a leading social care organisation providing comprehensive substance abuse treatment services across the UK, empowering individuals to overcome addiction through detox, rehab, supported living, and aftercare programs.

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Talk To Frank

Talk to Frank is a national service providing friendly, honest and confidential advice about drugs, offering a non-judgmental space to discuss drug-related issues and access support resources.

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We Are With You

We Are With You is a charity offering free, confidential support across England and Scotland for individuals facing challenges with drugs, alcohol, or mental health, empowering them towards their personal goals.