Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to questions Doctors, Nurses and Reception Staff frequently get asked:


We currently have an open list and welcome requests for registration with the practice from patients living in or moving to the practice area.

Full details on how to Register.

We use the NHS digital preferred app, The NHS App, which provides a number of online services. To access this service you will need to register for an account prior to your first log in, click here for further information.

We also use Online Consult for online consultation, available 24 hours a day.. Please click here for more information and to register.

We are currently welcoming practice registrations.  To find out if you live within our practice area take a look at our practice catchment area.  If you are outside the catchment area you may still be able to register with the practice.  Telephone the practice for further information.


The procedure for making an appointment is given on our Appointments page.


There are many options available for sending us your repeat prescriptions. Information about ordering your Repeat Prescriptions can be found here.


Please come to discuss the matter with your doctor before simply discarding any medicines.

Updating Personal Information

It is important that you advise us of any change of address or contact details. We rely on up-to-date contact details to ensure that we can invite you for relevant appointments and that you receive all correspondence.

Please check that your new address is within our catchment area.

You can use forms available on this website, call us or write to us. Full details on how to inform us of a change of address/telephone number can be found here.

Out Of Hours

Information on what to do when the surgery is closed can be found here.

Test Results

Details on how and when to obtain your test results can be found here.

Medical Records

You have a right of access to your health records, please see our Practice Policies section for further information.


If a death occurs in the family, what you need to do depends on the circumstances of the death.  Please see our Bereavement Support section for further information.


Please ask a receptionist to book an interpreter who speaks your language.

Your appointment time may be limited by the availability of this service.