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Pharmacy First Service

Pharmacy First Service: Convenient Care for Minor Illnesses

The new Pharmacy First Service offers a simple and efficient way to receive care for certain minor illnesses, without needing to book a GP appointment. This innovative NHS service enables community pharmacists to provide consultations, advice, and appropriate medication for a range of common conditions.

Conditions Treated Under Pharmacy First

Pharmacists are now equipped to provide comprehensive care for patients experiencing the following minor illnesses:.

Earache (Ages 1-17)

Don’t let an earache slow you or your child down. Pharmacists can provide advice, examine the ear, and recommend appropriate treatment.

Impetigo (Ages 1+)

This contagious skin infection can be uncomfortable. Pharmacists can diagnose impetigo and provide antibiotic treatment if needed.

Infected Insect Bites (Ages 1+)

Insect bites that become infected can be painful and concerning. Pharmacists can assess infected bites and provide treatment.

Shingles (Ages 18+)

The shingles rash can be extremely painful. Pharmacists can diagnose shingles and supply antiviral medication to reduce severity.

Sinusitis (Ages 12+)

Don’t let sinus pain and congestion drag you down. Pharmacists can recommend treatment to ease symptoms of acute sinusitis.

Sore Throat (Ages 5+)

A sore, scratchy throat can make it difficult to swallow. Pharmacists can examine your throat and provide appropriate care.

Urinary Tract Infections (Women Ages 16-64)

UTIs can be uncomfortable and require prompt treatment. Pharmacists can diagnose UTIs in women and provide antibiotic medication.

Benefits Of Using Pharmacy First

  • Convenient access to care without a GP appointment
  • Same-day consultations and treatment in many cases
  • Private consultations with qualified pharmacists
  • Reduced pressure on GP appointments and emergency services
  • Millions of GP appointments saved each year across England

Find A Pharmacy First Provider Near You

Many local community pharmacies are offering the Pharmacy First Service.

Use the tool below to locate your nearest participating pharmacy. For quick, convenient care for minor illnesses, visit a Pharmacy First provider today. No GP appointment needed!