The NHS App 📳 is owned and run by the NHS. It can be accessed by anyone aged 13 and over registered with an NHS GP surgery in England or Isle of Man.
Once you have verified your identity in the app, you will have easy, 24/7 access to a growing range of health services and information.
What does the NHS App do?
👁️ View your GP health record
💊 Order repeat prescriptions & nominate a pharmacy
📅 Book appointments – submit a Patient Triage form without filling in your personal details
✅ And much more ….
ℹ️ For more information visit:

Anti-Bullying Week

🚫 It’s Anti-Bullying Week! 🤝
Bullying leaves a lasting mark on a child’s life, impacting them well into adulthood. This #AntiBullyingWeek, let’s unite to spread awareness about the meaning of bullying and how we can put an end to it. Whether at school, home, in the community, or online, we have the power to stop bullying. Anti-bullying is NOT just for Anti-Bullying Week! 🌐 Join us to raise awareness and make some noise against bullying!
For more information:
💪 #EndBullying #UnityAgainstBullying

Happy Diwali

Diwali – the festival of lights.
Greetings for a happy and prosperous Diwali 2023. Warm wishes to all our staff, patients and the wider community that are celebrating Diwali this week.

PPG Meeting

Have your say about the services provided by Manor View Practice. The PPG is a group of people who are patients of the surgery and want to help it work as well as it can for patients, doctors and staff. Working in a spirit of mutual respect, openness and trust, all patients’ views will be discussed and, where appropriate, we will work together on solutions.
We are inviting patients of the practice to join us at our next Patient Participation Group to discuss our services and give feedback.
Date: Monday 6th November 2023 at 6pm
Location: Manor View Practice, Bushey Medical Centre, Bushey, WD23 2NN
Refreshments will be served.

World Menopause Day

🌟 Happy World Menopause Day! 🌟
Today, we join the global community in raising awareness about the challenges women face during menopause and the support options available. At Manor View Practice, our dedicated clinicians are trained to provide compassionate care and offer a range of treatments to help you through this important stage of life.
Join us today at 12pm as the British Menopause Society, in partnership with ITN Business, launches a live YouTube premiere titled ‘Menopause: Misinformation and Management.’ This event promises to shed light on the latest information and management strategies for menopause.
📺 To tune in, visit: http://thebms.org.uk/news/world-menopause-day-2023/
Let’s break the silence and empower women with knowledge and support. 🌸 #WorldMenopauseDay #MenopauseAwareness #ManorViewPractice


Quit smoking this Stoptober
When you stop smoking, good things start to happen — you can begin to see almost immediate improvements to your health.
So this October, join the thousands of smokers committing to quitting. Stop smoking for 28 days and you’re 5 times more likely to give up for good.
📱Download the NHS Quit Smoking App for lots of tips, tools and support.
ℹ️ For more information and the links to download the free app, plus free tools, tips and support to help you stay on track visit:

Shana Tova

We wish a happy and healthy new year to all our patients and the wider community that are celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week. Have a sweet and happy year! 🍯🐝
Shana Tova

Know Your Numbers Week

Know Your Numbers Week (4th to 10th September) reaches those who have high blood pressure and don’t know it, so they can get the treatment and support they need to bring it under control.
Your blood pressure is important no matter your age. Taking the time to know your numbers can help to stope a stroke and heart disease and save your life.
Every September, blood pressure checks are taken by thousands to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
For more information visit:

Happy 75th Anniversary, NHS!

For 75 years, the NHS has been the backbone of our healthcare, providing exceptional care to millions daily. We thank the dedicated healthcare professionals for their unwavering commitment and selflessness. Your resilience, compassion, and bravery inspire us all.
Today, we celebrate not only the institution itself, but also the stories of triumph, compassion, and healing that have unfolded within its walls. From new lives to recoveries, the NHS has been a constant source of support and care.
As we reflect on the past 75 years, let’s look forward to a future where the NHS thrives, innovates, and ensures accessible healthcare for all.
#NHS75 #ThankYouNHS #HealthcareHeroes