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Brain Tumour Awareness Month

Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2024

🧠 Brain Tumour Awareness Month! 🧠

The purpose of this month is to shed light on a condition often neglected in discussions about health. Let’s take a moment to truly understand what it means to have a brain tumour. It’s a condition that can affect anyone, with over 16,000 primary and secondary diagnoses in the UK annually. There are over 80,000 people living with this diagnosis, each facing unique challenges and impacts. Despite its relatively common occurrence, it remains terrifying and mysterious to many.

As we embark on this month of awareness, let’s reflect on the staggering statistics: approximately 45 new brain tumour diagnoses daily. Imagine the upheaval:

– A loved one facing a diagnosis.

– The loss of independence as over 55% of patients surrender their driving licenses.

– Children, the most vulnerable, being affected more by brain tumours than any other cancer.

Understanding signs and symptoms is crucial. Common symptoms include headaches, seizures vomiting, cognitive changes, vision or hearing loss and speech changes. But symptoms vary depending on the tumour’s location, emphasising the need for awareness.

There are over 130 types of brain tumours, each with different impacts. From gliomas to meningiomas, understanding these distinctions is key to effective treatment.

Together, let’s spread awareness, offer support, and strive for a better understanding of brain tumours. For more information visit:


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