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Enhanced Summary Care Record (SCR)

Adding More Information To Your Summary Care Record – The Enhanced Summary Care Record

Additional information can be added to your SCR by your GP practice (this is known as an Enhanced Summary Care Record) and is a summary of information about your medical history.

Please note: by default, your GP records are not shared with any other NHS organisations. To make your Enhanced Summary Care Record available to providers such as hospitals, A&E departments, Out of Hours Services, 111, and the Ambulance Service, you need to complete the consent form below. This will enable the practice to update your records and allow the sharing of your Enhanced Summary Care Record.

An Enhanced Summary Care Record can contain more detailed information, such as:

  • Long-term health conditions like asthma, diabetes, or heart problems.
  • Your medical history, including past procedures and why you take certain medicines.
  • Your current healthcare needs and any preferences you have for your care.
  • Immunisation history, like childhood vaccinations and tetanus shots.


It’s important to know that certain sensitive information, like fertility treatments or sexually transmitted infections, won’t be included unless you ask for them to be added.

Enhanced Summary Care Record (SCR) - Consent Form

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