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Register – Proxy Access

Important Notice

Proxy access can be granted to a third party if the patient consents and it is considered to be in their best interests.

Online Access

Online access is available to all patients aged 16 and above. To create an online account, please visit our online section.

Practice Policy

Our practice policy states that proxy access is only granted for patients under the age of 11. Please be aware that proxy access will be suspended when the patient turns 11. If you wish to extend this access at that time, you will need to submit another application to the practice.

Children Under 11

To request proxy access for a child under 11, please fill out the form below. Proxy Access will be established within 2 weeks upon receiving the request.

Children 11+

For patients aged 11 and above, the practice’s default position is not to grant proxy access. However, proxy access requests for patients aged 11 and above will be considered, but only in special circumstances and if it is deemed to be in the patient’s best interests.

Over 16 Years Old Or Parent Of 11-16 Year Old Child

If you’re over 16 or a parent/guardian of a child aged between 11 and 16 and wish to apply for proxy access to online records, please complete the below ‘Proxy Access Application Form’.  The Partners will review the application and provide a decision within 2 weeks. If access is denied, a reason will be provided. Please note that decisions regarding proxy access are final and cannot be appealed.

If access is granted, it will only be withdrawn if the patient requests it in writing or if certain exceptions occur:

  • Patient is under 16: access will be automatically withdrawn when the patient turns 16, and a new application will need to be made.
  • Patient lacks capacity: a review of access will occur if a change in capacity is deemed to have taken place.
  • Patient loses capacity after access is granted: a review of access will occur if the patient loses the ability to consent after access has been granted.

Lasting Power Of Attorney For Health And Welfare

If a patient becomes unable to make decisions for themselves, another person, usually a partner or close family member, can be given legal responsibility over decisions concerning their life by the courts. This is called Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Welfare. A person with LPA for health and welfare can request access to the patient’s GP online services on their behalf. The practice will review the application and make a decision on whether to grant access, considering the patient’s best interests. If you know that you would never want a particular person to have access to your online services if you become unable to make decisions yourself, you should inform the practice. We will ensure that person is never granted access to your records. The practice may refuse to grant a person with LPA access to a patient’s online services if:

  • We do not believe it is in the patient’s best interests
  • There are concerns about the person misusing or failing to keep the information safe

Access granted through LPA can be revoked by the practice if:

  • We believe the person is forcing the patient to share their records or misusing the information
  • The patient previously expressed wishes against granting that person access if they lost capacity

Notifying The Practice Of LPA

Please upload a copy of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Welfare in Section 4 of the form below.  Providing us with a copy of the LPA document will allow us to process any requests for proxy access promptly if the need arises in the future.

Benefits Of Granting Proxy Access

Before letting someone else see your medical records, think about how it could help you. If you cannot see any ways it would help, think very carefully about whether you really want to let them see your records. Some ways it could help are:

  • Needing assistance due to illness, long-term condition, or difficulty managing their health independently
  • Having a carer who can help manage their health
  • Planning for the future or choosing someone to hold lasting power of attorney
  • Being uncomfortable with using computers/technology
  • Needing help booking appointments or ordering prescriptions due to work or busy schedules

Choosing A Trusted Proxy

Granting proxy access to your GP online services is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. When selecting someone to have access to your medical records, it is crucial to choose an individual you can wholeheartedly trust with your private health information.

Key points to consider:

  • Choose someone you fully trust with sensitive information
  • Reflect on any information you may want to keep private
  • No one can access your records without your permission
  • You can revoke access at any time, no explanation needed
  • Our staff is here to support you through the process

Application Form For Proxy Access To GP Online Services

Note:  If the patient does not have capacity to consent to grant proxy access and proxy access is considered by the Practice to be in the patient’s best interest Section 1 of this form may be omitted. 

  • Patient making request – complete section 1, 3 and 4
  • Representative making request – complete section 2, 3 and 4.  Please upload proof of identification and address (e.g. passport, driving licence, utility bill)

Section 1 - Request for Proxy Access By Patient

I give permission to my GP practice to give the above named person / people proxy access to the online services as indicated below in Section 3.
I reserve the right to reverse (in writing) any decision I make in granting proxy access at any time.
I understand the risks of allowing someone else to have access to my health records.
I have read and understand the information provided above on this page regarding Proxy Access.

Section 2 - Request for Proxy Access By Representative(s)

For the below patient of Manor View Practice:

Section 3 - Services

*Summary Care Record (SCR) gives access to a summary of the patient's allergies and drug sensitivities, acute medication and repeat medication

**Detailed Coded Record (DCR) gives access to a summary of the patient’s demographics, allergies/adverse reactions, drug sensitivities, acute and repeat medication, immunisations, test results, coded problems, diagnoses, procedures, coded referrals and letters received (excluding free text, letters and attachments, administrative items)

Section 4 - Reason For Requesting Proxy Access

Please upload a copy of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Welfare
What happens to my information?
Personal and medical information about patients registered at this practice are primarily kept electronically, although some is kept in paper form. Some information will be sent to hospital consultants and other health professionals to whom you are referred by your GP in order to provide continued healthcare and obtain treatment for you.
We sometimes use accredited suppliers for our communication with you, for example when we send recall letters for review clinics or medication reviews. All suppliers we use are checked carefully to ensure they comply with strict confidentiality protocols.
To ensure the security of all patient information, all staff that have access to your records are covered by confidentiality clauses in their contracts and the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Our guiding principle is that we hold your records in strict confidence.

Privacy Policy
This form collects your name, date of birth, email, other personal information and medical details. This is to confirm you are registered with the practice, to allow the practice team to contact you and also to update your medical records held by the practice and our partners in the NHS. Please read our Privacy Policy to discover how we protect and manage your submitted data.